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Looking to prepare for the ultimate war, a cat 5 hurricane, a tornado, or prepare "just because"?  We are too!  

With everything going on in the world, all of the man made and natural disasters, we feel everyone should be doing some kind of preparation because the government can only do so much. The government tells us to have at least three days of food and water when a hurricane is coming. We've been through many hurricanes and can tell you that three days isn't enough, neither is a week.  We believe everyone should have at least a month's supply but in reality we should have even more. For some of the hurricanes we've experienced the power was out for a few weeks, the lines for "government help" were miles long so people ran out of gas waiting but the gas stations were also out of power and/or out of gas.  People had to be creative in how they handled the situations i.e. neighbors really did have to help neighbors.  

Reality though can be a cruel thing because "prepping" if you aren't careful can be costly depending on the size family you have.  In our blog we'll soon try to post lists to help you get started, basing the lists on the premise that there is little extra cash each month to put in to preparing; it needs to be done "on a shoestring".  So, welcome to Tumbleweed Sports, we look forward to serving you and in helping you prepare for what we pray will be nothing.