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Not just firearms anymore: this month we're working on adding variety i.e. prepping/survival items, jewelry, art, and more!

Hi everyone, This site was once like any other firearms site you visited, no surprise, it was all firearms. I've told my husband for a while now: diversify, diversify, and diversify! Guess what, we're diversifying. Over the next month or so, as our website host adds more and more ways to allow us to add other items we'll do just that. You may not know this but selling firearms is complicated in more ways than one. 1. There are very few web hosts that can get you tied in to a distributors stock.2. There are even fewer credit card companies that allow you use their services and sell firearms.3. The firearm web hosts that are out there are only "programmed" for firearms and items that go with them i.e. ammunition. The web host we have no...  Read More

Survival/Prepping how/what/why/whew let me wipe the sweat off!

Over the next month or so here on our Tumbleweed Sports website we'll be adding as many items as possible to help everyone "prepare" because we don't want anyone to be caught off guard, having to scrounge to survive if something terrible happens because most of the other people around you will also be scrounging and that leads to...well you know, just watch the news lately.  You can never be too prepared; i.e. you can never have enough to survive the "ultimate war", a "storm of the century", a powerful tornado, or any number of things that may happen because lets face it; we are seeing more and more "disasters" lately.  This is one of the reasons we started this website, to help people take care of themselves in all ways for as long as t...  Read More